​​To obtain a licence to possess and/or use firearms in Queensland, you need to demonstrate that you have an adequate knowledge of safety practices for the use, storage and maintenance of the category(ies) of weapon(s) that you are applying for. When you apply for a Weapons Licence, you must provide a copy of a statement of attainment showing you have completed an approved safety training course for weapons within the previous 12 month period. The requirement to provide a statement of attainment for an approved firearms safety course does not apply if you are applying for a new firearms, collectors, concealable firearms or minor's licence within 12 months of the expiry of a former licence of the same type with the same categories. In these instances, you should provide evidence of your recently expired Queensland licence, with your new licence application.

If you hold a current interstate firearms licence and you are moving to reside in Queensland there may be no requirement to complete an approved safety course.

Further Information The Queensland Police Service cannot recognise prior experience or learning you may have with the safe use of firearms. Prior military, police, security industry or other experience can only be assessed by a Registered Training Organisation under Recognition of Prior Learning guidelines. To have your previous experience assessed you must contact a Registered Training Organisation.

See the Firearms Safety Course page for more information about the course requirements and how to find a registered training organisation that provides the course.

Excerpt from the Queensland Police Weapon licensing website ​